Latest exhibitions

  • The Martí Cormand Exhibition.  

    Start date: 04/02/2010  Finish date: 04/04/2010
    Opening Date: 04/02/2010 Closing Date: 04/04/2010

    Martí Cormand invents a hidden abstract world which is made visible through representation. This realist version of the world is infiltrated by this other universe and disintegrates it.
    Cormand acts within the systems of realism and abstraction in order to carry painting to a point of articulation in self- awareness. His work contains qualities of transparency, density, light, shadows and extreme precision with similarities with the Dutch School of painting. These are qualities which are brought together with references to digital technologies in the reproduction of images. He creates a world where that which is artificial infiltrates into the natural.

    Born in Barcelona in 1970, he has lived and worked in Brooklyn since 2002.

    Start date: 15/04/2010  Finish date: 30/05/2010
    "Hospitalitart". A project commissioned by the art critic Luis Casado where he presents the art of five young creators with connections to l’Hospitalet de Llobregat. By means of this project, the Arranz-Bravo Foundation aims to support the values of hospitality which are traditionally associated to the city of l’Hospitalet, and now applied to young contemporary creation..  
  • "Jordi Abelló TRILOGIA DEL CRIM"

    Until the 19th February of 2012.  
    ?seeing image of "Jordi Abelló TRILOGIA DEL CRIM" (new window)
    Start date: 14/12/2011  Finish date: 19/02/2012
    Trilogia del Crim is the latest project of the Reus artist Jordi Abelló. Abelló has created three series on paper - Interiors, Street and Crime – in which he analyses, from a tragic and dark perspective, the complex relationship of the human being with his environment..  

    ?seeing image of ALBERT ARRIBAS FORCADA (new window)
    Start date: 23/02/2012  Finish date: 29/04/2012
    Albert Arribas Forcada (Blanes, 1981) is presenting his latest creations at the Fundació AB. The exhibition is a veritable explosion of colour and light, as well as a lesson in adventurousness in art. Arribas is a virtuoso in the art of combining bold colours with expressive skilful brushstrokes in large format works..  
  • Exhibition Arranz-Bravo and the books.  

    From  22 november 2012  to 20 january 2013 .  
    ?seeing image of Exhibition Arranz-Bravo and the books (new window)
    Start date: 22/11/2012  Finish date: 20/01/2013
    The exhibition Arranz Bravo and the books, shows singular book editions created by Arranz-Bravo since the sixties to recent days, made in collaboration with important writers such us Baltasar Porcel, Francesc Parcerisas, Camilo Jose Cela, Joan Ponç, Rafael Bartolozzi o Xavier Guardans. .  
  • Xavier González, L’alegria del salt..  

    ?seeing image of Xavier González, L’alegria del salt. (new window)
    Start date: 25/04/2013  Finish date: 09/06/2013
    Xavier González’s first individual exhibition, a pinter form Terrassa has been living and working since a couple of years in Berlin. Is one of our international painters who expresses with symbolist and mental painting with mentions of Holderlin, Nietzche and Walter Benjamin between others..  
  • The Inauguration of the Arranz-Bravo Foundation..  

    Works 1950-2009.  
    Start date: 17/09/2009  
    Works 1950-2009.
    Opening Date: 17/09/2009
    L’Hospitalet inaugurates a new art space - the temporary home to the Arranz-Bravo Foundation in the Tecla Sala of the Metropolità Cultural Centre. The presentation of this exhibition area was held on Thursday the 17th of September with the opening of the exhibition “The Arranz-Bravo Foundation. Works 1950-2009”, with brings together a total of 71 works by artist Eduard Arranz-Bravo, the owner of the foundation.

    The Arranz-Bravo Foundation has a collection of two hundred and ninety-two works by the artist from all periods.

  • The Miquel Gelabert Exhibition.  

    Start date: 03/12/2009  Finish date: 31/01/2010
    Opening Date: 03/12/2009 Closing Date: 31/01/2010
    Miquel Gelabert’s interpretations of the landscape are descriptions of light, horizons, colours and spaces with a marked presence of the sea. The artist is attracted to the nature of the ocean and for its curious alliance with the city; the lighting of a port, the volumes and lineal projections of piers, sea mists or the light of the sky in its struggle to emerge from amid the artificial light of the metropolis.
  • Arranz-Bravo. IMPAKTES.  

    Start date: 01/06/2010  Finish date: 15/07/2010
    To welcome the summer, we invite you to visit a selection of 11 of the most impressive works of our collection in the temporary exhibition centre of the Arranz-Bravo Foundation.

    Home - Latino Interior - The judgement of Paris - Love Filosofic - La Banyera - By Day IV -
    Wayne Hanley morning - Big Poet - Norge Bahia - Love Singer - Campo

    From 1st June to 15th July.  
  • "Arranz-Bravo. Self Portraits".  

    Start date: 21/09/2010  Finish date: 31/12/2010
    "Arranz-Bravo. Self Portraits" is an exhibition produced by the Arranz-Bravo Foundation of l’Hospitalet de Llobregat with the aim of displaying the collection of over fifty self portraits donated by the artist to the institution. Throughout his career, Arranz-Bravo has cultivated a deep and obsessive relationship with this genre, becoming one of the most committed artists in Spain to the tradition of the European existential self portrait. Like Durero, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Artaud and Francis Bacon, the Barcelona artist understands the self portrait as a means of introspective exploration and at the same time, as a means for reiterating some of his main artistic interests, such as the intensity of the look, organic expressivity and the effusion of colour. This is a good opportunity to see this singular facet of one of the most outstanding creators in the field of the figurative arts in Spain during the second half of the 20th century and the beginnings of the 21st..  
  • "Diego Tampanelli. Temps de fuga"

    Start date: 13/01/2011  Finish date: 13/03/2011
    "Diego Tampanelli. Time in escape." 

    The Arranz-Bravo Foundation presents the exhibition “Temps en fuga”, by the Argentinean artist, resident in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Diego Tampanelli (Ronchales, Argentina, 1970). A resident artist of the TPK workshop in l’Hospitalet, Tampanelli is a multi disciplinary artist who works equally with image, paint, video and performing arts to reflect on the idea of memory and nostalgia in relation with his country of birth.

    Inauguration: 13th January
    Dates: From 13th January to 13th March 2011.

  • "National Award for Honda Art 1999-2010".  

    Start date: 17/03/2011  Finish date: 01/05/2011

    Exhibition of works by the winners of the twelve latest editions of the Honda Awards, one of Spain’s most important art awards dedicated to emerging artists.
  • Arranz-Bravo. L’Enigma de la llum.  

    ?seeing image of Arranz-Bravo. L’Enigma de la llum (new window)
    Start date: 11/05/2011  Finish date: 15/07/2011
    The exhibition "The enigma of the Light" shows one of the last facilities created by Eduard Arranz-Bravo. In a creation that aglotina painting, sculpture and engraving, Arranz-Bravo proposes a subtle intervention about one of the central subjects of the history of the painting: the representation of the light and its linking with the form, the space and the color..  

    Propera inauguració.  
    ?seeing image of HOMENATGE A JOSEP MARIA DE SUCRE (new window)
    Start date: 20/09/2012  Finish date: 18/11/2012
    Els artistes Antoni Llena, Arranz-Bravo, Miquel gelabert, Martí Cormand i Diego Tampanelli realitzaran propostes plàstiques homenatjant a l’escriptor i pintor Josep maria de Sucre, obres que s’exposaran al costat d’una selecció de petits retrats i creacions al pastel de De Sucre localitzades en diferents col·leccions d’artistes catalans..  
  • Mireia Ferron, Elena Garcia, Luz Galdeano. Realitats inestables.

    Start date: 24/01/2013  Finish date: 07/04/2013
    CONTEST: Would you whant to win a catalogue of the Realitats Inestables exhibition? We encourage to join your experiences, photos and chek-ins of the exhibitions with teh tag #realitatsinestables. All tweets were sent with this hashtag between 24/01 until 24/03 are going to be raffled by three catalogues signed by de artists.  
  • EXPOSICIÓ: FÀBRICA FREIXAS. Un col·lectiu d’ artistes a L’Hospitalet.  

    ?seeing image of EXPOSICIÓ: FÀBRICA FREIXAS. Un col·lectiu d’ artistes a L’Hospitalet (new window)
    Start date: 13/06/2013  Finish date: 29/09/2013
    Exhibition dedicated to artits in residence at Freixas factory, one of the leading art contemporary spaces in Barcelona..  
  • Arranz-bravo. Sculpture.  

    Start date: 24/10/2013  Finish date: 23/12/2013
    The exhibition will show some of the most important sculptures made by Arranz-Bravo since the 70’, when he began working in the discipline thanks to the patronage of Gaspar gallery, based in Barcelona. During the last 40 years, Arranz-Bravo has used different techniques and materials (stone, bronze, marble, poor materials ...), creating stonishing pieces wich are deeply conected with his painting. He has also been the author of several public monuments, such as the Acollidora and the Freedom Bridge, in the city of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). The catalog of the exhibition will show the complete sculpture work, with more than 200 pieces made throughout his career..  


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